Tuesday, 3 March 2009


So I photographed Chris and Michelle's wedding last Saturday, finishing at about 9pm. Then at 7am next morning we drove for two days to get to South Australia. Then the phone calls and messages started!  "When are we going to see their pics on the blog?" 

In between my commitments in SA I have managed to steal a little time to keep the impatient ones off my back. I have only worked a couple of images yet so this is only a small and preliminary sample of  "The Wedding of the Year".

Chris is one of those easy-going grooms who gave me as much time as I needed to produce the images, and Michelle was his perfect mate. I have rarely met a couple as well matched as these two.


Susan Wall said...

Stunning work Rob, I particularly love the image with her red shoes! Stunning!!
Hope you get some rest soon!

Charmaine Otto Photography said...

Absolutely beautiful!!