Monday, 13 August 2007

Mark and Maree's Rockhampton wedding

Our most recent wedding was in Rockhampton with the reception at Rosslyn Bay near Yepoon. I had photographed the bride's brother Andrew at his wedding to the beautiful Kate a few years ago. The bride, Maree has been living in the UK for a few years and has snared herself a pommy! Even so, he is not a bad bloke and he shows excellent taste in photographers.

Some of the locations in Rockhampton are spectacular. The hotels are surrounded by lacework edged verandas and the sandstone used in many of the public buildings give a glow to any portrait made in the vicinity.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Two weekends ago I attended Em's wedding in St Stephens Cathedral. About 30 years ago, I photographed Em's parent's wedding in Armidale. It has always been one of my favourite weddings and I had to at least equal it this time. With a bride like Emily and her new husband Tim, it was not too difficult.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Blue eyes

One of the album pages from last week's wedding.


We haven't had any real rain for over a year now, so that gives away the fact that this is more than a year old!

The Anglican cathedral in Brisbane has lovely nooks and crannies that can be used by photographers. This is not exactly a nook or a cranny but I love the lighting effect. The shot above of the bride is from the same wedding.

2 second exposure.

We had finished with all the outdoor shots by this stage and because there was a severe lack of light I had the bride stay as still as possible for about 2 seconds while I handheld the Fuji S3. I love the softness that resulted.


Beach weddings are a part of many Queensland photographers' weekend. This wedding was in the Hinterland behind Surfers Paradise and late in the afternoon we drove down to Broadbeach to take advantage of the beautiful day we had. My preference is to keep as many of my images as simple as possible as often as possible. This is one of those images.

All weddings in Noosa are great! This one especially. This couple and their attendants were so natural that all I had to do was suggest an area to photograph in and they would just occupy it. This is part of the "coffee shop" scenario.

Same wedding, same day, beautiful location to match the bride. This I call my "Sound of Music" series.

On this occasion we used the following day, Sunday, to travel to Mt Tamborine to add some variety to an already beautiful Saturday wedding in Brisbane. We waited till almost sunset and then worked like crazy to add another hundred or so new images to their collection.


This was one of Shirlene's shots. I was off doing something else at the time.