Thursday, 22 January 2009

Joel and Kerry RADFORD

Joel and Kerry were just in ordering their wedding album. Joel is the son of three times Master Photographer, Wayne Radford and I was (understandably, I think) a little apprehensive about it. Wayne sets a standard as high as anyone in the industry and this is one wedding that I had to be at my best. As It was, I need not have worried. I was given more time than usual on the wedding day to make sure that the images were spot-on! That comes from knowing how important photographs are in a family's future, and allowing enough time to capture the images. Thank you Joel and Kerry!

The following are just a few of their shots..............

A headdress with a hat always works.

Kerry's dress was a dream to photograph as you can see in this high contrast shot taken in the street.

Joel loves his Ute!!

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caspix said...

Such beautiful images, thank you for sharing