Monday, 10 March 2008


These are two shots of Kelly Munce's beautiful daughter, Brooke. Photographed at Coffs Harbour the day before we started a five day series of seminars, we bought a bridal gown and veil and headed for the beach!


Anonymous said...

ohh and what a HOOT we had.. she was a real trooper.. she must take after her mum..
i can't believe how well that dress came up..
thanks for the fun rob.. your da bomb..!!

Alex Rodriguez said...

Stunning work, thank you for sharing.

dottied said...

I love Brooke, she's a doll, just like her Mum, looks like you all had a great time! Dottie

fari said...

You are a real master if what you are doing.
Thnks for sharing your work with us to give us the possibilities to see and to learn from the Big Teacher
Thanks again
Fari Farag form Switzerland