Monday, 13 August 2007

Mark and Maree's Rockhampton wedding

Our most recent wedding was in Rockhampton with the reception at Rosslyn Bay near Yepoon. I had photographed the bride's brother Andrew at his wedding to the beautiful Kate a few years ago. The bride, Maree has been living in the UK for a few years and has snared herself a pommy! Even so, he is not a bad bloke and he shows excellent taste in photographers.

Some of the locations in Rockhampton are spectacular. The hotels are surrounded by lacework edged verandas and the sandstone used in many of the public buildings give a glow to any portrait made in the vicinity.


Kate said...

Hi Rob,

beautiful photos of Mark and Maree's wedding. I can't wait to see the rest of them and the album!

Kate Conaghan

Susan said...

I'm Emily's friend and these are are phenomenal piccies! What a great job done by the photog!!! I would be so happy if these were my wedding piccies!!!!!
Amazing! You look so happy.
May you have a long and love filled marriage!!!
Susan Moffat
(a complete stranger) ha ha ha!!!

Alex Rodriguez said...

The 3rd one with the blue background is amazing. Lovely work.